Our objective is to provide broad halochic knowledge of areas covered in a way that
gives the girls a solid foundation for recognizing and formulating proper shailos.

Through learning to thoroughly understand the first 35 melochos of hilchos Shabbos, 9th and 10th graders gain a clear awareness of their application in modern-day life. Lower-grade learning also includes kashrus (bishul, pas, cholov, gevinas Yisroel), yayin sta”m, hechsher keilim, tevilas keilim, bedikas beitzim v'tolo'im, and basic bosor v'cholov.

11th and 12th graders study the remaining melochos, basic Kiddush, lechem mishne, Chol Hamoed, and Berochos (about berochos, saying berochos, netilas yodayim, kedima, shinuy mokom, hesech hadaas, devorim haba besoch haseuda, pas haba b'kisnin, berochos on fragrances, amen, and more). Before each Yom Tov, we comprehensively review the relevant halochos, and some years we cover hilchos Yom Tov.