The Chumash curriculum consists of a Chumash b’iyun class/course and a separate
Chumash bekius course that meets twice a week. The focus and purpose of these classes are significantly different; learning the same sefer in both classes serves to broaden and enhance the students’ appreciation for the depth and breadth of Torah.

The focus of Chumash b’iyun is to delve into specific inyonim in the parsha with the aid of our classic, traditional meforshim. We select inyonim that form the bedrock of our emuna and hashkofa. The goal is to provide the students with a solid education and foundation through text-based learning that encourages critical thinking.

Chumash bekius is a systematic approach to the sefer focusing on Rashi’s understanding of the pesukim. Our goal is to have an overview of the sefer and familiarity with the well-known comments of Rashi in each parsha.